my thoughts engulf my mind

abyss in the darkness

for me, a young boy who has lived in an urbanized city for all his life,

this was all i knew

the same faces i have seen

the same stories i have been told

loneliness has followed me my whole life

there is light at the end of the tunnel… right? 

i would smoke away my tears

or drink away my pains

but that is the cowards way out.

i dont hate life but i dont love it either

i want more to it than just the marketed dream they sell me

i want to be loved but not adored

i want to be alone but not lone

two streams diverge at the creek of the river

the problem is not where it leads me

but how i will get there

for that is the greatest question for my life

my old habits are beginning to show

this man who i was once thought to be

was the man i will become